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CCleaner Professional (in English) key

CCleaner 5.78.8558 Professional (in English) + Key

CCleaner Professional – this is not a great utility that helps keep your computer clean, despite the fact that it is free, its functionality can envy paid counterparts. Of course she does not know everything, but the basic actions it can perform with it pretty well. It can be quickly and safely clean the registry from old entries and errors. By the way before cleaning it is possible to create a backup, then if need be, you can cancel it using the above modifications. She also allows you to remove the program completely, meaning that after them in the system will not go waste records. In addition you will be able to remove from the system startup list, those programs that you do not need, and who vainly run when the computer is turned on.

She also able to search for duplicate files on disks, that is, files duplicates. There is the possibility to detect disk old system files for the system are no longer needed. These two steps will help you to recover the missing disk space.