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Arcsoft WebCam Companion Retail – capture video and photos with a webcam

Arcsoft WebCam Companion Retail – record video and photos from a Web camera

The webcam is no longer a rarity for computer users, and now it is almost everyone, and we will actively use it. However, we can not fully use all the features of a web camera without a specific application. WebCam Companion program will help you to perform all the tasks that you may need to be done using a web camera. For example, your webcam can capture video and take pictures, but how to do it? Easily, using WebCam Companion. Of course with the WebCam Companion you can, and add effects such as music or a slideshow

It is useful,.
• You can save images from video with a web camera (even a high quality and three-dimensional)
• flexible customization of the form (even economical decide)
• you can download videos and pages from the Internet
• there is a video editor
• convenient sorting files
• add comments and notes on the
and has a lot of useful, interesting and unusual.