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AnVir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager -. System manager with great functionality potential challenge that allows users to maintain control over the system

The option of free AnVir Task Manager opens for users all the administrative functional with respect to system-wide services, drivers, and other running tasks, allowing you to increase productivity, safety and efficacy OSes».

The major, major functions of AnVir task Manager can carry a lot of opportunities. There is, for example, Windows-tweaker, which can clean the registry and optimize the OS via special utilities

Other software stream applications – control over passive and running applications (analogue Task Manager). Providing detailed info about executable files, statistics and a general list of them. No less significant option considered monitoring of key PK parameters, the load on the HDD / CPU usage (useful for countries to hang), and network activity

Download the utility can be free, and installation itself AnVir Task Manager is the most common. but in the process you will be offered software options, for example, icons of Vista, Yandeks.Bara et al., however, all unnecessary, and you can not install, simply remove the corresponding mark. By virtue of the peculiar features AnVir Task Manager can be concurrent manager processes / tasks, as well as being the detector and destroyer of malware and spyware. Be sure – now start up automatically of any software, including Trojans, viruses, and other applications are doomed to failure