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5 Pre-roll, which will force you to watch advertisements before the end of

5 Pre-roll, which will force you to watch advertisements before the end

1. American insurance company Geico launched a series of commercials that end is when the user often presses the button Skip – after the first 5 seconds. After this time, in the most exciting moment, the video stops, to learn to be on, the user is necessary to take any action. The most popular movie of the series – about a family who is sitting at the dining table – ends in the moment when the dog jumps on the table and starts to eat cooked dinner. Here is another example of a non-standard video from Geico,

2. Another good example of how the Pre-roll involves the user to interact with the advertising video – clip from the Australian police, which encourages citizens to participate actively in the search for missing persons. A chip of this video is that after the first 5 seconds, the button Skip becomes Yes, I’ve seen this man. It uses geo-targeting, social advertising is broadcast in that region, which was the last time you saw one of the missing

3.. Viderolik from «Burger King» – is not just an example of how to creatively approach to the creation of Pre-roll, but also how to properly identify a target audience that will see your ad. Advertisers have launched a campaign, based on the user’s request. For example, if a person has previously searched for funny videos about animals, the movie will be just about it. So the company broke the fourth wall – has caught the attention of users at the same time means bringing them to the desired message of

4.. Most people are looking at the computer screen or a smartphone while waiting for – when at last will be treasured button Skip. Viderolik in a campaign Opel Mokka demonstrates how you can use this increased attention of users for their own purposes. In the video about the new German compact SUV car interacts with the button Skip, as if it were a real object in the frame, circles or bumps into it

5.. A similar approach was used in a promotional video from Nail Communications Company. On the button Skip is located cute puppy – well, one of us would dare to interrupt the video and click on it? Members 95% watched before completion – the puppy remained intact – and then find out that part of the proceeds from advertising funds transferred to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). 10 out of 10.

All of these Pre-roll illustrate that advertising can be annoying, fascinating. In this case, the advertising message of the company bring to users ultra fast – for the first 5 seconds